Bhalo Bhalo Re Kirtaniya

Bhalo Bhalo Re landscape artwork

About Album

‘Bhalo Bhalo Re Kirtaniya’ by Daler Mehndi is an efficacious mean for transporting the listener to profound spiritual realms through Kirtan.

The album substantiates deeply the values of Kirtan in one’s life. The sacred words set to music expound devotion, love, celebration and absolute bliss, and connects the listeners with All-pervading divinity elevating the consciousness of one’s existence

Embark on this sacred musical journey to the celestial, a true path leading to union with the divine! Let Kirtan be part of your being & experience the ecstasy!


‘Bhalo Bhalo Re Kirtaniya’ was dedicated to ‘Shriman Sant Sujan Singh Ji Maharaj’ – A Revered exponent of Kirtan. The album celebrates the 100 years of Maharaj Ji’s Birth Centenary.

“Concerts, shows & songs are intrinsic part of my life but my soul belongs to Kirtan, & as promised to my fans I’ll continue to serve & celebrate with Kirtan!” quotes Daler Mehndi.


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