Love You Shankar Bhole

About Album

Love You Shankar Bhole

Love You Shankar Bhole by Daler Mehndi is a classic offering by DRecords for Mahashivratri under DM Mission Love Series & glorifies Love for the universal force of existence – the Shiv Tattva.

Music with focus on love, compassion and peace has never been more timely or more relevant! Love you Shankar Bhole by Daler Mehndi released on DRecords is a beautiful offering dedicated to Lord Shiva with ‘Love you Shankar Bhole’ chant & it glorifies Love for Lord Shiva.

The Shiv-element or the Shiv-tattva represents the universal force of existence and permeates the entire cosmos. There are many Sanskrit mantras, shlokas and stotras that are chanted to invoke Lord Shiva but never been connecting to God so easy and so hummable. Chanting requires correct & precise pronunciation of the mantras as the essence of the mantra is lost if not pronounced correctly.  Many mantras are also required to be chanted in particular mudra and at particular times! However, seeking blessings through Love you Shankar Bhole has no time boundation, no place boundation and no mudra boundation. Chanting Love You Bhole Shankar is simple and effortless and directly connects heart and soul to the supreme.

The album is released under the DM Mission Love series. Mission Love is all about observing love in everything, loving your parents, loving all form of existence, loving all religions and considering them as one, about loving everybody in happy times and loving everybody with the same ease during sorrows!

The track can be enjoyed at religious gatherings and even in a party space. So chant love u Shankar Bhole… Love creation of divine in every form and stay blessed!




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