Love You Aadi Shakti

Love You Aadi Shakti

Love you Aadi Shakti is a heartfelt album by Daler Mehndi dedicated to the ultimate inherent power in all creations, that of Divine mother, the goddess, the Aadi Shakti! Shakti is the embodiment of feminine cosmic energy responsible for the whole creation and worshipped as the cosmic existence –as Devi.

Love as we know is the strongest force of existence and offering love is the simplest way to connect with divine. The album celebrates love for all diverse manifestations & incarnations of Shakti as the dynamic feminine aspects of the Supreme Divine. The track also helps listener to worship all the sacred forms of Shakti just by offering absolute love. Mehndi bestows his reverence for the creator of the Universe and honors Shakti as the foundation of the universe. His powerful yet soulful ‘Love you’ chant carries you into a state of absolute gratitude and thankfulness.

The album has been released under DM Mission Love series especially on the occasion of Navratras to honor the nine manifestation of Shakti and carry forward the message of Love & loving all forms of existence and creation!

Listen to Love you Aadi Shakti by Daler Mehndi & rejoice by getting connected with the primal force of creation!




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