Mera Dil Khwaja Bole

Mera Dil Khwaja Bole Side  Land scape

An expressive rendition by DRecords on the occasion of EID-ul-Fitr.

Mera Dil Khwaja Bole by Zaqir Qawal is a spiritual release by DRecords on this auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. The word Khwaja means the King and the album is an absolute praise offering that envelopes the listener in the beauty of music that Zaqir Qawal plays with astounding passion. So much so that you can feel the gratitude and celebration in his voice. The album consists of 4 songs sung in qawali style with soulful rendition is definitely destined to touch the rights chords of the listener.

The album give thanks to the Universal Spiritual Being for all the gifts ‘He’ has bestowed upon us – His children, so we all say Mera Dil Khwaja Bole.


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