Nirali Shaan Waley

Nirali shaan waley side panel

Zaqir Nizami, one half of the famed Nizami brother’s duo have dedicated their lives in helping people connect to Khwaja – The True king. They have been following the tradition of Dargah Singing, where Qawwali’s are sung as have been sung over the years. Simple and pleading words form the content of this album with easy sing along verses.

The album is a live recording by Zaqir Nizami as an offering of gratitude.

Mera Dil Khwaja Bole,  Nirali Shaan Waley, Khwaja Khwaja Bol Dewani are prayers both praising and pleading the higher souls to help the yearning mortals remember Supreme Being, help them to establish their love for the Supreme.

A traditional Qawwali Album as sung at the Dargah’s.





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