Dev Shiva By Daler Mehndi

Year of Release: 2014
Song : Dev Shiva
Album: Baani Dasam Granth
Singer: Daler Mehndi
Composed By: Daler Mehndi
Label : DRecords

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Saavn Link :
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Lyrics :

 Deh Shiva Bar Mohe-I-Hai
(Grant me this boon O God)

Shubh Karman The Kabhu Na Taroo
(May I never refrain from the righteous acts;)

Na Daroo Ar Siyoo Jab Jah Laroon
(May I fight without fear all foes in life’s battles )

Nischai Kar Apni Jeet Koroo
(With confident courage claiming the victory)

Ar Sikh Hao Apne Hi Man Ko
(May thy glory be grained in my mind)

Eh Lalch Hou Goon Tau Uchroo
(and my highest ambition be singing thy praises)

Jab Aav Ki Audh Nidhann Banay
(When this mortal life comes to end)

Aut He Rann Me Tab Joojh Maroo
(May I die fighting with limitless courage)

 Bole Son Nihal Sat Sri Akaal


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