Ouh Gur Gobind Hoye Pragateya song from album 350 Saal Sache Patshah De Naal by Daler Mehndi

‘350 Saal Sache Patshah De Naal’ is an album released on the occasion commemorating the 350th birth anniversary of the Tenth Sikh Guru Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj – the Warrior Saint, the Exalted King who established the order of Khalsa in 1669 thus forever wiping out the predominant caste (vernacular) system of society (a social economic stratification of the society prevalent from Aryan times), created a revolution by introducing the concept of gender equality by strengthening and addressing the rights of women, the Khalsa raised individual self esteems deeply seeding the pride in being human first and fighting for the oppressed and the less privileged.

The album was first commissioned as a ‘Single’ to be used as an anthem during various celebrations around the globe & finally concluding at The Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Patna Bihar- the birthplace of Guru Sahab for which the Sikhs worldwide, the Bihar Government and various ministries are working actively and progressively together. Like Daler Mehndi’s earlier iconic anthem of “300 Sal Guru De Naal” released on the occasion of tri-centenary birth anniversary of Khalsa in 1999, where the entire India and people across the globe came together as ONE, people from different cultures, languages, faith. Never before in India has there been a celebration demonstrated in such harmony and unity. Loaded with emotions of joy, tears, pride, enthusiasm across 186 cities of India, wherein over 20 million people of varied faiths partook in ONE WALK singing ONE VERSE threaded together by One VOICE that of Daler Mehndi, this anthem will be resonating the streets of India and countries across the world celebrating the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.


Credits :

Year of Release : 2016

Album : 350 Saal Sache Patshah De Naal

Song : Ouh Gur Gobind Hoye Pragateya

Singer : Daler Mehndi

Composer : Daler Mehndi

Lyrics : Guru Granth Sahib

Recording, Mixing & Mastering : Aakash Jaitly

Label : DRecords



Lyrics :

Ouh Gur Gobi(N)Dh Hue Pragattiaa Dhasavae(N) Avathaaraa A
Jin Alakh Akaal Nira(N)Janaa Japiou Karathaaraa A
Nij Pa(N)Thh Chalaaeiou Khaalasaa Dhhar Thaej Karaaraa A
Sir Kaes Dhhaar Gehi Kharrag Ko Sabh Dhusatt Pashhaaraa A
Seel Jath Kee Kashh Pehar Pakarriou Hathhiaaraa A
Sach Fathae Bulaaee Guroo Kee Jeethiou Ran Bhaaraa A
Sabh Dhaith Arin Ko Ghaer Kar Keeou Prehaaraa A
Jab Sehijae Pragattiou Jagath Mai Gur Jaap Apaaraa A
Yo(N) Oupajae Si(N)Gh Bhuja(N)Geeeae Neela(N)Bar Dhhaaraa A
Thurak Dhusatt Sabh Shhai Keeeae Har Naam Ouchaaraa A
ThiAagai Koee N T(H)Ehiriou Bhaagae Siradhaaraa A
Jeh Raajae Shaah Ameerarrae Hoeae Sabh Shhaaraa A
Fir Sun Kar Aisee Dhhamak Ko Kaa(N)Pai Gir Bhaaraa A
Thab Sabh Dhharathee Halachal Bhee Shhaaddae Ghar Baaraa A
Eiou(N) Aisae Dhu(N)Dh Kalaesh Mai(N) Khapiou Sa(N)Saaraa A
Thehi Bin Sathigur Koee Hai Nehee(N) Bhai Kaattanehaaraa A
Gehi Aisae Kharrag Dhikhaaeian Ko Sakai N Jhaelaa A
Vaah Vaah Gobi(N)Dh Si(N)Gh Aapae Gur Chaelaa || 15 ||


Links :

Youtube : https://goo.gl/iVnXMr

Itunes : https://goo.gl/TJN59Q

Saavn : https://goo.gl/PMR5b4

Gaana : https://goo.gl/xRy9Kd

Hungama : https://goo.gl/KzF1PG


Follow Daler Mehndi:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/DalerMehndi
Twitter – https://twitter.com/dalermehndi
Website- http://www.dalermehndi.com
Official Store- http://www.dalermehndi.com/store.php






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