Challa song from album Challa By Gurmeet Kaur

Challa , a unique,  fusion music spectacular featuring folk and pop music which is inspired by legendary “Gurdas Mann” . Challa is gorgeous in its music, symbolizing relationships and a connection of pure love.

Credits :

Song : Challa
Album : Challa
Artist : Gurmeet Kaur
Lyrics : Folk
Music Director : Hemant Sharma
Video : DRecords
Record Label : DRecords


Lyrics :

Ho Challa Beri Oye Boor E, Ve Vatan Mahi Da Door E,
Ve Jaana Pehle Poor E, Ve Gall Sun Challeya Chora,
Ve Kahda Laya Ee Jhora.

Ho Challa Khooh Te Dhariye, Challa Khooh Te Dhariyeve
Gallan Mooh Te Kariye,
Ve Sacche Rabb Ton Dariye, Ve Gall Sun Challeya Dhola,
Ve Rabb Ton Kahda Ee Ohla.

Ho Challa Kaaliyan Mirchan, Ve Mohra Pee Ke Marsaan,
Ve Sire Tere Chdsan, Ve Gall Sun Challeya Dhola,
Ve Saad Ke Keeta Re Kola.

Ho Challa Gal Di Ve Gani, Ve Tur Gaye Dilan De Jani
Ve Meri Dukhan Di Kahani, Ve Aa Ke Sunja Dhola
Ve Tetton Khada Ee Ohla

Ho Challa Paya Ee Gehne, Oye Sajan Veli Na Rehne
Oye Dukh Zindri De Sehne, Ve Gal Sun Chalia Dhola
Ve Kahda Pana Ee Raula


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