Mein Tere Janam song from album Jawani Express By Jasveer Singh

MEIN TERA JANAM is very very Melodious, Romantic, Bollywood commercial film type song. While making the album this was the most discussed song between me & my music programmer. We felt that there is an extraordinary & pleasant melody in this song & this is a fact that remains that while recording this song I really felt that anyone after hearing this song will compare it with the biggest hits.

DRecords – an imaginative and a cross cultural record label bridging the gaps and boundaries all the way through Music to execute one’s dreams and makes the artist feel about their strengths, zeal and passion. It presents to you something you never gonna forget, transcending borders through talent and music.

DRecords is delighted to announce their artist Jasveer Singh with his latest pop album “Jawani Express” releasing worldwide.

Jasveer Singh, born and brought up in Gulbarga (Karnataka) from a Sikh family, who started dreaming to become a prominent singer from an early age, now is all geared up to be a part of such diverse musical spectacular record label who handily defies cultural categorization in favor of unbridled expression.

Jawani Express, an energetic, foot tapping & an ear buzzing album, is a kind of release that reminds you to express love and affection to our loved ones. It’s a 10 track self directed album featuring all original compositions symbolizing a chronological journey written about to disclose one’s feelings and sentiments in a relationship.

Using a very basic set-up, given the restrictive recording environment, he painstakingly pieced the album together layering instrument upon instrument, resulting in a remarkable album. His passion and innate sense of the song makes it an utterly compelling, timeless and a must listen album for all die-hard music lovers.

DRecords provides an aficionado who entirely sure of his/her talent and a spirit so strong that he/she will absolutely , undoubtly comprehend their DREAMS , the end result of which is a unique sound, integrating the progressive sway with catchy vocals, dripping with melody.


Credits :

Album : Jawani Express

Song : Mein Tera Janam

Singer & Composer : Jasveer Singh

Music Director : Jasveer Singh & S.Jaykumar

Lyricist : Jasveer Singh & Sahil Sultanpuri

Label : DRecords


Lyrics :

Mein Tera Jaanam, Tu Meri Humdum

Aa Chal Chalen, Duniya Se Duur

Jahan Na Ho Koyi Gummm (2)


Tere Liye Meri, Sansen Chalti Hain

Dekhkar Tujkoo, Meri Shaam Dhalti Hain

Mujhko Bahon, Mein Teri Hi

Rehana Hai Har Dum

Khwab Banake Tu Hi Meri

Ankhon Mein Hai Sanam


Mein Tera Jaanam, Tu Meri Humdum                                                    .

Aa Chal Chalen, Duniya Se Durr,

Jahan Na Ho Koyi Gummm (2)


Manga Hai Tujhko, Maine Tou Rabse

Jaan Hai Meri, Tu Tou Sadiyon Se,

Na Kabhii , Ho Jodaa

Aaja Khale Kasam

Saath Hamee, Ek Duje Kee

Rehna Hai Janam Janam


Mein Tera Jaanam, Tu Meri Humdum                                                    .

Aa Chal Chalen, Duniya Se Durr,

Jahan Na Ho Koyi Gummm (2)


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