Kann Phad Lo song from album Tunak Tunak Tumba By Daler Mehndi

‘Tumba’ authored and composed by Daler Mehndi pans across various genres through its thirteen tracks. The album journeys through varied melodies crafted by the use of traditional music set to original compositions.

Tumba’ the title of the album is a dialogue of the highest order. The artist uses the song as a yearning plea for communion of the soul with the almighty and on a different plane with his lover. ‘Shiela ho ya Munni’ is a spoof track which is already creating uproar at his concerts. ‘Ghoda’ is a groovy number with unusual satirical lyrics. Music along with nontraditional and nonconformist words creates an artistic contrast that is the appeal of the song. The flirtatious ‘O Nachdi Meri Jugni’ beckons the lady love to showcase her moves. Daler renders an exceptional mix of Indian rhythms, in this stupendous dance track.

 Deewani’ with Sufi undertones is the artist’s favorite. Angst ridden ‘Bhootiye’ is where the artist vents his frustration and provokes reaction of thought but maintains his USP of making you dance. ‘Ye Ada’ takes you through the country side of India via Rajasthan. The song is vivid, it’s as though colors take up form when you hear the song. ‘Chen Se Jeeney Do’ is the song addressing today’s youth with beautiful lyrics set to a hummable melody.

‘Jogi’ is Daler’s show-off track! His each album has one such track for the connoisseurs of music, for the veteran artists. It showcases his command over technique, reflecting a classic confluence of ragas creating a song for a ‘Pop’ listener thus setting a milestone.

Mehndi’s latest ‘Pop’ offering is a complete package both in its lyrical context and its music. A must have!


Credit :

Year of Release : 2011
Album : Tunak Tunak Tumba
Song : Kann Phad Lo
Lyrics : Daler Mehndi & Shahab Allahabadi
Composer : Daler Mehndi
Music Director: Daler Mehndi
Music Arranger : Daler Mehndi
Special Thanks : Taranpeet Kuar, Karan Grover, Ratnakar Kumar & Team Daler Mehndi
Music Company : DRecords

Lyrics :

Ki Ajj Mere Kann Pharlo
Ke Ek Vari Kann Pharlo
Kar Do Galtiyan Maff (2)
Bann Deya Veeran De ,Ma A Deya Channa De
Kar Dena Dil Tussi Saaf
Ki Ajj Mere Kann Pharlo
Ke Ek Vari Kann Pharlo
Ke Nashya Ne Ghar Loot Liyeh ,Ke Maa Pyo Toh Puut Put Liyeh
Eh Kukha Vich Dhiyan Maar De ,Te Putra Te Jaana Vaar De
Mere Gaal Da Karo Insaaf
Ki Ajj Mere Kann Pharlo ,Kar Do Galtiyan Maff
Ke Ureaan De Dudh Bann Gaye , O Majheyan De Kithe Than Gaye
O Bhai Chara Keem Na Reeya ,O Pela Vala Time Na Reeya
Kithe Tur Gaya Rangela Punjab
Ki Ajj Mere Kann Pharlo , Kar Do Galtiyan Maaf
O Maiye Tappe Tole Bhul Gaye , O Kanka Parole Bhul Gaye
Ke Kanjra Nu Gana Pe Gaya , Ke Ranna Nu Nachona Pe Gaya
Mitti Kar Bethe Sadha Khrab
Ki Ajj Mere Kann Pharlo
Ke Ek Vari Kann Pharlo
Kar Do Galtiyan Maff
Eh Lauka Naal Mitha Bol De , Ke Kannach Zehra Ghol De
Mareja Laye Shifai Na Raye , Ki Asli Dwai Na Raye
Rab Ena Kolo Lavega Hisab
Ki Ajj Mere Kann Pharlo
Ke Ek Vari Kann Pharlo
Kar Do Galtiyan Maff


Links :

Youtube : https://goo.gl/8i4P8b

ITunes : https://goo.gl/Knh1uq

Saavn  : https://goo.gl/BKn6RC

Gaana : https://goo.gl/Fs318V

Hungama  : https://goo.gl/oBZyeZ


Follow Daler Mehndi:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/DalerMehndi
Twitter – https://twitter.com/dalermehndi
Website- http://www.dalermehndi.com
Official Store- http://www.dalermehndi.com/store.php


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