About Us

About DRecords

DRecords is a staunchly independent record label with a growing roster of original, new talent covering a variety of music genres. It is home to a diverse and unparalleled family of artists – from today’s icons to tomorrow’s rising stars.


DRecords has its beginning in the legacy and strength of music that flows from none other than the Pioneer of Indi-pop, Daler Mehndi. Since his advent on the Indian Music Scenario in 1995, Mehndi eclipsed all other categories of music and emerged as the leader among music audiences. Following a hugely successful career and a massive fan following, Mehndi in his efforts to promote the excellence in music to spawn its wings, opened a Record Label titled DM Music in 1999. The company was rechristened as ‘DRecords’ in the year 2005 and since then has released digitally and on physical formats music and videos of the Indian Pop King Daler Mehndi, apart from quwwalies and soulful classical and semi classical renditions of Artists across the boundaries such as Hussain Buksh , Nazakat Ali  Salamat Ali  to name a few, scouted new talent from the innermost recesses of rural India like Jinda Jitti to the urban masala acts like Mika Singh.

In the pipeline are classical instrumental albums, bhajans, gurbani, audio books, meditative music, rock fused folk to sufi apart from the perky bhangra albums from North India.


A cross cultural label which is creative and imaginative, DRecords rises with just one vision – Bridging boundaries breaking borders through ‘Music’ and creating a zesty transparent creative platform for zealous musicians, song writers & artists.

Our Team

DRecords has a highly passionate young team with intensive love for music & art. Daler Mehndi is the visionary and the founder of DRecords. The Co-Director of DRecords Taranpreet Kaur brings over 15 years of experience in the music industry covering music and studio production, artiste management, music sales and A&R. She not only understands the current music buying forces, she also has a finger on the pulse of developing trends.  One of the aspects she values most is thinking out of the box. Her approach is styled and focused – no gloss, no hype, and very much under the radar kinds. Let the work speak!

The ethos of the team is simple and straight – Getting our Artists recognized. Our core activity is about delivering our artists’ music to the public. No doubts, the team enjoys the respect and praise of hardened music lovers, journalists and industry insiders.

Work with Us

If you want to join our team, tell us about yourself, what you have done so far and what you would like to do. Submit your resume & work to us:  mails@drecords.in


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